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Money Managers Ask Congress To Increase Duties Of Trustees In Mortgage-Backed Financings

The Association of Institutional Investors, whose members include the largest money managers, have asked the U.S. Congress to create an “unambiguous fiduciary standard” for trustees of mortgage-backed bonds without government backing at the same time that a Senate committee considers a bill that would overhaul the $9.4 trillion home-loan market by replacing the U.S. controlled … Continue Reading

Secured Transactions – Part 3

In Part 1 and Part 2 of our Secured Transactions series, we focused on some of the basics of secured transactions. In this post, we will begin to explore some of the more challenging issues that corporate trust professionals face when handling secured transactions. One issue that goes to the heart of a third party … Continue Reading

What to Look For in a Liquidating Trust Agreement – Part 1

The establishment of a liquidating trust is becoming a standard provision of most chapter 11 plans. Although they may have different names and structures, such as creditor, GUC wind down or litigation trust, liquidating LLC and many others, they typically have the same basic purpose — to serve as a vehicle into which certain (generally, … Continue Reading

Secured Transactions Roadmap – Part 1

Secured transactions are some of the more challenging deal structures that corporate trust professionals (contract reviewers, administrators and attorneys) encounter.  Over a series of posts, we will attempt to lay out an informal roadmap for dealing with secured transactions and hopefully provide some helpful hints for issues that commonly arise.… Continue Reading