Perkins Coie’s Corporate Trust practice is widely recognized for our high-quality representation of corporate trust companies and the corporate trust departments of major banking institutions in domestic and cross-border debt capital market transactions. Our practice includes both healthy and defaulted transactions with both public and privately held companies.

Corporate Trust: General

We offer our clients advice regarding their roles as indenture trustee, successor trustee, paying agent, escrow agent, owner trustee, registrar and transfer agent, investment agent, collateral agent, custodian, voting trustee, dissemination agent, tender agent, fiscal agent and independent director or manager for special purpose vehicles. We also advise our clients on issues related to establishing and maintaining Delaware statutory trusts, common law trusts, liquidating trusts, insurance trusts and master trusts. Additionally, our general corporate trust attorneys frequently consult with and support our restructuring and bankruptcy attorneys while representing our corporate trust clients in default administration and bankruptcy matters.

Corporate Trust: Defaults and Bankruptcies

We have played prominent roles in representing our clients in the context of bond defaults and issuer bankruptcy cases across the country. Our attorneys provide a rare depth of experience and capability in this area, which results in skilled counseling, advice and representation for our corporate trust clients. Examples of how we advise our clients include the enforcement of post default rights and obligations under debt indentures and loan agreements and governing federal or state law, negotiation of issuer reorganizations and restructurings, including serving as members of official creditor committees, defending and prosecuting litigation claims under debt indentures and applicable law, coordinating and facilitating distributions to holders resulting from issuer reorganizations and liquidations and coordinating bondholder communications.

With their depth of knowledge and intense focus, our corporate trust attorneys can respond to requests and inquiries in a thorough, accurate and timely manner, while also handling unique issues confronted by trustees with skill and confidence.